About SMA
Sarasota is a unique town with specific benefits like us.
  • Cultural Mecca - culture is what drew our international team to Sarasota originally
  • Winterless - we work year round for you, offsetting our schedules so you are always being served
  • Affordable - our sliding scale meet all levels of needs, we set our prices based on your ability to pay
  • Award Winning  (Quartz Beaches & Best Place to Retire) -  award winning marketing strategy
  • Multiple Housing Options - customized campaignsjust what you need when you need it
  • Excellent Healthcare - help with any tech issues and customer service like you have never experienced before
  • Flourishing Business Climate - community of businesses
  • Fatastic for Foodies and Super for Sports Fans - whatever you are into, we personalize to your specific tastes
  • Abundance of High Quality Education Opportunity - we mentor your marketing department in private sessions, offer webinars and training classes
  • Parks and Wildlife - we are wild and unpredictable, doing the unreasonable and bringing creativity to your campaign
  • The Greatest Show on Earth - we honour your history and heritage in every campaign
  • Amish & Mennonite Population - we add word of mouth to campaigns when useful
  • Endless Supply of Activities - we are constantly growing our portfolio of services to serve you better
  • More Charities Here - we volunteer and serve on non-profit boards serving your non-profit better